The 1950's 1000pc Puzzle
The 1950's 1000pc Puzzle

The 1950's 1000pc Puzzle

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The 1950's Puzzle

On the world scene we had Rosa Parks, Queen Elizabeth, Castro, Krushchev, Jonas Salk, Stalin, Truman, and McCarthyism, – but we liked Ike and Adlai. In sports we had Willie Mays, the Cleveland Browns, golfers, basketball stars, discus throwers, hockey players and the Boston Red Sox, among others. The Edsel, dial telephones, juke boxes, Coke machines, T-Birds, drive-in restaurants & theaters were all the rage. In movies, television, and music – well, too many to mention! 

Artist: James Mellett

1000 Piece Puzzle

Assembled Size: 24” x 30”

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