1/25 Fireball Slingshot Dragster Kit

1/25 Fireball Slingshot Dragster Kit

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Scale: 1/25
Model: Fireball Slingshot Dragster Kit  
Manufacturer: Atlantis 
Requires Paint and Glue


  •  It is basically an engine mounted in a simple chassis.
  • The weight of the engine and driver is centered, as much as possible, over the rear wheels for best traction. the rear tires are usually the extra wide, smooth "drag slicks".
  • The front tires are usually the slim motorcycle type, mounted on spoke wheels for lightness.
  • The Atlantis Fireball Dragster is a typical example of the cars used all over the country during the early to mid 1960's.
  • The engine is a highly modified Chevrolet V-8 with a GMC supercharger.

Part Number: AMC6710

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