UGears Truck UGM-11
UGears Truck UGM-11

UGears Truck UGM-11

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With visible working parts, the UGears Truck UGM-11 delights everyone who sees it, in addition to those who have a hand in building it. This is one truck that won’t get hidden away in the toy box, however. Its intricate design and sophisticated mechanisms make it a centerpiece that you can openly display and admire. Gears, pistons, shafts and steering components all move, and the truck does too when you crank it up. Made of 420 individual parts, this model is more challenging to assemble than others, but it is well worth the effort and gives you a sense of pride in your accomplishment.

The four-cylinder engine runs on rubber-band power using a system of synchronized gears. To see the engine “run,” you should first open the folding hood or "bonnet" as it once was known. Thumb the lever on the cab’s top several times to crank up the engine, you can release it and watch in amazement as pistons move up and down, simulating the actions of a real engine. Open the truck door to view and turn the fully functioning steering wheel and guide the vehicle right or left. Next, move the gear shift into the drive or reverse position depending on which direction you want the truck to travel. The gas pedal works, too; push it down to set the truck in motion and watch as it zooms along the ground.

By implementing the visible-gear design of steampunk fantasy machines, this truck captures features of early- to mid-20th century trucks, complete with a rail-lined flatbed for hauling goods or produce. Made of premium plywood that offers the smell of fresh-cut wood, each piece is laser cut for a perfect fit. Parts are carved with realistic details, including full-tread tires, wheels with hubcaps and lug nuts, headlights with covers and stamped-steel running boards to help the driver and passengers get into and out of the cab without slipping. Even the license plate is as authentic as possible, featuring numbers and letters.

The kit includes everything you need to put this truck together. No glue or hardware is needed, as each piece is precision-cut to fit tightly together without the need for any fastening aids. In an effort to be eco-friendly, the plywood used in the UGears Truck UGM-11 is also made from sustainable sources. To guide you in assembly, this kit includes a detailed manual with step-by-step instructions and illustrations. You can the guide to double-check your progress as you work, and it is offered in 11 languages.

Model size: 13.3 x 5.5 x 5 in
Package size: 14.6 x 6.7 x 1.5 in
Number of parts: 420
Level: Hard
Assembly Time: 10-12 hours
Recommended Age: 14+
Kit weight: 3.00 lbs

Manufacturer: UGears

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