SmartLab Toys - Tiny Gardening
SmartLab Toys - Tiny Gardening
SmartLab Toys - Tiny Gardening
SmartLab Toys

SmartLab Toys - Tiny Gardening

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Enjoy gardening at your fingertips with a miniature desktop greenhouse and tiny gardening tools!

All you add are soil, water, and your choice of seeds. Within days of being planted in the teeny tiny flower pots, seedlings emerge and thrive in the self-watering greenhouse. The included 48-page illustrated science activity book is filled with experiments that will thrill any young botanist. Learn about the plant life cycle, extract DNA from fruit, and discover the effects of acid rain, gravity, and colored light waves on plant growth. Watch plants breathe, bend toward the sun, and pull water from their roots to their tips. Young environmentalists will see with their own eyes how plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, playing an essential role in making our planet habitable.

Growing and nurturing seedlings in the tiny greenhouse inspires creativity, responsibility, and a lifelong wonder of nature. As children test and experiment, they’re practicing essential skills in reading, measuring, following instructions, and trial-and-error learning. As an innovative STEM activity kit, Tiny Gardening! gets two green thumbs up!


  • 8-Piece Tiny Greenhouse
  • 3 Tiny Pots
  • 3 Tiny Test Tubes
  • Tiny Hand Shovel
  • Tiny Hand Fork
  • Tiny Beaker
  • 3 Tiny Garden Markers
  • Printed Greenhouse Wall Panels
  • Printed Greenhouse Roof Panels
  • String
  • Tiny Ruler
  • Tiny Petri Dish
  • Green and Blue Acetate Sheets
  • Decorative Clings
  • Marker Stickers
  • 48-Page Illustrated Gardening Science and Activity Book

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