Locus's Sitting Miniature Kit
Locus's Sitting Miniature Kit

Locus's Sitting Miniature Kit

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Robotime-Rolife Locus's Sitting DG106 is a cozy modern living room with guitar and CD player. It revels a daily corner of a young city villager. Bookshelf and tea table with stylish carpet, it will be a pleasure to craft at free time.

  • LED Light (Two lithium button cells excluded- Model: CR2032 Diameter:20MM RT )
  • Assembled Size:  200 x 185 x 187 mm
  • With many miniatures, sofa and pillors, guitar, table,photos and frame, book shelf, table, stools, books, window, flowers and vases, etc.
  • with necessary assembly tools, brush, nipper, 
  • English instructions to show you how to assemble step by step
  • Estimated assembly time: 12 hours. 

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