Family Fun Large County Fair

Family Fun Large County Fair

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Large County Fair with ferris wheel, ship swing, and sales booth. Turn the crank to run the carousel. 3 x AAA batteries required - not included.

Hurray - today we go to the Large County Fair! The kids can hardly wait to finally test the carousel. Round after round they fly through the air. Mummy prefers to wait downstairs with the twins and daddy gets himself a delicious candy at the refreshments booth. Afterwards they go to the swings. That's fun! The playset contains six PLAYMOBIL figures, five children's figures, a carousel with lighting, swings and a refreshments booth with ice machine, drinks and toys. The six gondolas of the carousel are set in motion mechanically by turning the handle. Batteries are not included in the set.

Figures: 1 showman, 1 salesman, 1 man, 3 women, 2 girls, 1 boy, 2 babies
Accessories: 1 chain carousel, 1 boat swing, 1 kiosk, 1 twin stroller, 1 trash can, 1 slush ice machine, 1 cash register, 1 box, 1 tray, 1 bag, 2 drinking cups, 1 portion of fries, 1 can, 4 tetra pack, 2 cupcakes, 1 spoon, 2 teddies, 2 dolls, 1 snail, 2 bottles, 1 baby bottle, 2 hats

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