City Life - Horse Tack Shop
City Life - Horse Tack Shop

City Life - Horse Tack Shop

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With wooden horse to test out the big range of riding accessories. Dimensions: 35 x 26 x 18,5 cm (LxTxH).
- In addition to the stairway, there is also a ramp that allows for strollers and wheelchairs to access the shop.
- On the wooden horse, a saddle with a saddle cloth and halter with reins can be attached (not for pony halters)
- A saddle with saddle cloth can also be attached to the decorative fence.
- Four different colored halters are available for horses, which can be combined with the three reins. In addition, a tournament loop can be attached to two halters.
Figures: 2 women, 1 girl Animals: 1 butterfly Accessories: 1 equestrian shop, 1 counter, 1 goods compartment, 1 laptop, 1 fence, 1 box with lid, 1 box without lid, 2 baskets, 1 bucket, 1 bundle of hay, 1 wooden horse, 2 saddles, 2 saddle covers, 1 whip, 4 bandages, 6 halters, 1 halter with line, 3 crops, 3 lead ropes, 1 trophy, 2 tournament ribbons, 2 sprayers, 2 jars of horse oil, 2 packs of horse feed, 3 bags of horse snacks, 2 tubes, 1 scarf, 1 ruff, 2 pairs of gloves, 1 riding helmet, 2 riding caps, 2 top hats, 1 cap, 8-piece horse accessories for cleaning

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