Royal Brush Engraving Art Glow in Dark Octopus

Royal Brush Engraving Art Glow in Dark Octopus

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 Royal & Langnickel Engraving Art makes it easy to be an artist Simply use the tool in the kit to scrape away the preprinted design, revealing glow in the dark color below. In no time patterns come to life with realistic depth, dimension and textures. With the design preprinted onto the board, there is no need to worry about subject. The 8-inch by 10-inch format works beautifully in standard frames when completed. Engraving Art are ideal for children, adults and everyone between. And, because there's no paint and brushes, they make the ideal travel art project.

Content: 1 Preprinted Board, 1 Practice Piece and 1 Scrapecutter

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