Day Trip to Nantucket 1000pc Puzzle

Day Trip to Nantucket 1000pc Puzzle

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Day Trip to Nantucket

Color in 3 dimensions. A beautiful and profound work by artist Jeff Hanson, "Day Trip to Nantucket" captures the beauty of vibrant and rich summer wildflowers. Nature's tapestry can be organized and messy in a way that instills awe and defies many from recreating it with such purposeful specificity. Jeff Hansen has done just that as his unique and tactile approach to painting creates depth that abounds with exuberant color. This is a puzzle that once complete one may never want to take apart. Make this puzzle a new fixture in your home, or on your wall to enjoy its beauty for years to come.

1000 Piece Puzzle

Assembled Size 30" x 24"

Artist Jeff Hanson

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