Acrylic Dustcover Case

Acrylic Dustcover Case

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  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Using clear acrylic panels in the main design of our miniature dollhouse display box, you now have peel-off protective covers on both sides of our dust cover display case that ensure maximum protection while displaying and maintaining the design and integrity of craftsmanship.
  • STYLISH DESIGN - Stand out with your miniature craft kit, through its intricate and creative designs and style, offering plenty of space for innovative customization. All this while preserving the longevity and visual appeal of the project through the acrylic sleeve for your hobby projects and collectibles when on display.
  • Convenience and Convenience: Eliminate your fears and worries of having external factors such as dust, wind, humidity, damage and intense heat affect your miniature dollhouse as you now have a protective cover to protect your captivating creation.
  • Peel-off Protective Covers - Individual panels are well protected in the gift box with peel-off protective covers on both sides of the panel. It will look very clean and transparent once removed. Assembled size is 9.7 x 7.9 x 8.5 inches (H).

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