Panzer III Ausf. E 470 Pieces

Panzer III Ausf. E 470 Pieces

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Panzer III Ausf. E

The pzkpfw III (panzerkampfwagen iii) was a world War II German medium tank designed by Daimler-Benz AG. It is commonly referred to as the Panzer III. It was the most dynamically developed model in the Army of the third Reich. All tanks of this series were equipped with 30 mm thick armour at the front and sides of the hull and turret. The total weight of the tank was 19, 500 kg. The new the pzkpfw III construction block model from COBI has movable elements such as tracks, an opening commander's hatch and an opening engine hatch. It includes a German tank commander figure with binoculars and a pistol.  470 high-quality blocks produced in the EU by a company with an over 20 years of tradition of producing high quality construction blocks meets or exceeds all safety standards for children's products Fully compatible with other brands of construction blocks clear and intuitive instruction manual based on figures and icons includes German tank commander figure.

Number of Blocks: 475

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