Villainous Mother Gothel 1000pc Puzzle

Villainous Mother Gothel 1000pc Puzzle

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Disney Villainous Mother Gothel Puzzle

Does mother know best or is she downright diabolical? Explore the possibilities in our “Disney Villainous: Mother Gothel” puzzle!

No weapons needed; Mother Gothel weaves her web of wicked words in Disney’s 2010 film, Tangled! As one of the most treacherous villains from the House of Mouse, she’s managed to preserve her youth for hundreds of years, and needs the magical powers imbued in Rapunzel’s hair to retain it. Locked away in a tower, Gothel manipulates Rapunzel into believing she needs to be protected from the outside world. Will Mother Gothel’s scheming, sarcastic, and abusive words keep Rapunzel trapped forever?

1000 Piece Puzzle

Assembled Size: 27" x 20" 

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