1.2.3. Rescue Ambulance
1.2.3. Rescue Ambulance

1.2.3. Rescue Ambulance

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– The Rescue Ambulance is fully pre-assembled and equipped with a trailer hitch.
- As is standard for 1.2.3 vehicles, there is a towing latch on the front of the vehicle.
- The driver's cab offers space for a 1.2.3 figure (1.2.3 child figure also possible).
- The rear door can be folded out at the side and engages when it is closed.
- The patient bench in the ambulance attachment is designed for a 1.2.3 adult figure or 1.2.3 child figure. The figure is put in diagonally and the doctor's bag can be placed in front of the figure.

Figure: 1 female paramedic, 1 boy; accessories: 1 ambulance, 1 doctor's case

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