City Action - Tactical Unit Team
City Action - Tactical Unit Team

City Action - Tactical Unit Team

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With special equipment for land and sea missions.

- The figure with diving suit can be equipped with helmet, jacket, scuba tank, harpoon and underwater scooter.
- The stretcher with the fire extinguisher is removable.

Figures: 3 SWAT policemen, 1 SWAT diver

Accessories: 1 underwater scooter, 1 diving helmet, 1 diving jacket with breathing mask and double diving bottle, 1 pair of diving fins, 1 double harpoon, 3 pistols, 3 pistol holsters, 1 battering ram, 1 fire extinguisher with removable stretcher, 1 protective shield, 1 cap, 1 helmet with night vision binoculars, 1 balaclava

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