Family Fun - Snowball Fight
Family Fun - Snowball Fight

Family Fun - Snowball Fight

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The children enjoy having a snowball fight. The snowballs can be held by the figures.
- includes snowballs. These can be held by the children.
- A child figure can sit on the sledge or the snowballs can be placed there. The sledge can be pulled by a figure.
- with plenty of winter sports accessories, such as skis, poles, snowboard, helmets, and removable helmets and ski goggles.
Figures: 2 boys, 1 girl
Accessories: 1 play castle, 1 sledge, 2 children's skis, 2 children's ski poles, 1 children's snowboard, 2 children's ski helmets, 2 children's ski goggles, 1 cap, 1 flag on flagpole, 5 snowballs

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