Science Academy: Bath Bomb Lab
Science Academy: Bath Bomb Lab

Science Academy: Bath Bomb Lab

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Discover the relaxing side of science with the Science Academy: Bath Bomb Lab kit. By just using a little understanding of chemistry, kids will be able to make cool bath bombs for an aromatic and fizzy bath. This kit offers multiple recipe options to experiment with, giving you options for different sizes, colors and scents, and even the ability to create a super bath bomb for ultimate fizzy fun. This kit makes learning about unique chemical reactions occurring within the creation and use bath bombs easy, safe and exciting. If you’re looking for an educational lesson in chemistry that also creates a lush after-product, this bath bomb lab is exactly what you want to soak up.

Comes with: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cornstarch, glycerin, two measuring beakers, bath bomb molds, two pairs of latex free laboratory gloves, goggles, spoon, two bottles of liquid coloring, vanilla fragrance, three stirring sticks, bamboo stick, two balloons, balloon ties and pipette.
  • Learn about the unique chemistry needed to create a bath bomb
  • Experiment with different sizes, shapes, colors and scents
  • Fun, safe and non-toxic hands-on lab
  • Teaches: a love for chemistry, an interest in general sciences, critical thinking skills

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