Porsche Macan GTS with Horse Trailer
Porsche Macan GTS with Horse Trailer

Porsche Macan GTS with Horse Trailer

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With horse trailer, retractable trailer hitch, and lots of other details. Includes functioning interior and exterior lights (3 x AAA batteries required). Porsche Dimensions: 11.2 x 4.9 x 3.7 in (LxWxH).
- The roof of the Porsche Macan GTS, as well as the roof of the horse traile,r are removable.
- With retractable trailer hitch.
- The car has room for up to 4 figures.
- With cool light effects (front, rear, and interior).
- Incl. auto power-off function.
- The displays of the ""Rear Seat Entertainment"" are removable.
- With integrated cup holder.
- With many accessories; 2 figures, 2 horses, child seat, etc.
Figures: 1 woman, 1 boy Animals: 1 horse with halter, reins, saddle cloth and saddle, 1 pony with halter, 1 border collie Accessories: 1 Porsche Macan GTS, 1 horse trailer, 1 child seat, 2 monitors, 2 obstacles with bar, 1 set of horse accessories for cleaning (6 pieces), 1 brush, 1 crop, 1 whip, 1 horse blanket, 2 tournament ribbons, 1 winner's trophy, 1 box, 1 cool box, 1 dog leash, 1 rein, 2 riding helmets, 1 top hat, 1 drinking cup, 2 suitcases, 1 travel bag

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