City Action Police Chase Starter Pack
City Action Police Chase Starter Pack

City Action Police Chase Starter Pack

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Starter Packs - the perfect introduction to the PLAYMOBIL theme worlds! The policeman pursues the criminal in his motorcycle. Is the loot found in a secret hiding place? Includes other accessories; combine with item 70498 Starter Pack Police.

A thief just broke into a store and stole the daily takings. Now he flees on his skateboard through the narrow city streets. But even in narrow alleys or on bridges, he can't shake off the policeman on his motorcycle, who is sticking to his heels. But when the policeman has caught up with the thief, he no longer has the booty with him. Where did he hide the money? The playset contains two PLAYMOBIL figures, a motorcycle, a skateboard, backpack, cell phone, gold sack and many other extras for playing exciting manhunts. PLAYMOBIL Starter Packs are an ideal introduction to the large colourful PLAYMOBIL world. Due to age-appropriate accessories, Starter Packs are already suitable for children from three years on.

Figures: 1 policeman, 1 thief

Accessories: 1 motorcycle, 1 rock, 1 skateboard, 1 money bag, 1 backpack, 1 MP3 player, 1 crowbar, 1 helmet

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