Novelmore Dragon Attack
Novelmore Dragon Attack

Novelmore Dragon Attack

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With dragon trainer Tyragon and Kahboom from the Burnham Raiders. The limbs of the dragon are movable. The water projectiles of the water cannon can be triggered. Length dragon: 30 cm.

Things are heating up! The knights of Novelmore battle against the hot-headed Burnham Raiders in the Novelmore Dragon Attack. The fiery dragon's movable legs and adjustable wings give it the agility needed during the fight. Its claws can also grasp various objects, so keep your eyes on the sky! This winged fire-breather is accompanied by dragon master Tyragon, armed with his magical staff and clawed glove, as well as Kahboom, the notorious pyro fanatic jester - both formidable adversaries. The dragon rider can stand or sit on the dragon's back while coasting through the air. But don't fear! The knights of Novelmore, Gwynn and Bolt, use their water cannon to fight off the attack, while the wall barrier also provides some defensive coverage. Switch up Kahboom's expression to show either a regular face or laughing face by rotating his head. Now a popular YouTube series! Follow along with the story today: Set includes four figures, dragon with moveable wings and limbs, mobile carriage for water cannon, headgear, armor, sword, shield, fire spear, wall barrier, and many other accessories.
Figures: 1 Gwynn, 1 Dario, 1 Kahboom, 1 Tyragon
Animals: 1 dragon
Accessories: 1 wall piece, 1 wheeled cannon, 2 water projectiles, 1 fire spear, 1 javelin, 1 explosive charge, 1 Novelmore shield, 1 accordion, 2 fakelocks, 1 belt pouch, 1 dagger, 1 rapier, 1 sword, 1 hood, 2 caps, 1 helmet, 2 pairs of arm guards, 2 pairs of hand guards, 1 clawed glove, 1 set of wings.

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