Mysterious Matter
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Mysterious Matter

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The universe is amazing. In this kit, learn about five kinds of matter and their properties. 

100g Cornstarch, 6 Fizzy Tints, 4oz Glue, 30g Magic Sand, 20g Superabsorbent Jelly Crystals, 3-Hole Test Tube Rack, 3 Test Tubes, Plastic Bouncy Ball Mold, 10g Bouncy Ball Powder, Pipette, Instruction Guide. 

  • Great for STEM teaching and learning
  • This science lab explores matter and the mysteries behind it - experiment with solids, liquids, gases and more
  • Engage and explore the world of matter through hand-on experiments
  • Perfect for kids age 8 and up, this make a great gift for a budding scientist

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