Mandala Coloring Puzzle 300pc Puzzle
Mandala Coloring Puzzle 300pc Puzzle
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Mandala Coloring Puzzle 300pc Puzzle

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Mandala Coloring Puzzle

In Indian religions a mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe. Mandalas are also seen in Christian symbols such as a Celtic cross, a rosary, a halo, rose windows, and a crown of thorns. The artist Valentina Ramos has created this intricate mandala for us on a two-sided puzzle with 300 extra large pieces. Enjoy building the puzzle with Valentina's vivid colors on one side, then flip it over and dream up your own color combinations on the other side. Pens are not included.

300 Piece Puzzle

Assembled Size 18" x 24"

Artist Valentina Ramos


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