Lite Brite Refill Pack
Lite Brite Refill Pack

Lite Brite Refill Pack

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Lite-Brite is back and it's still the most creative way to create art with light. These replacement packages are used with the Lite-Brite main unit (sold separately).

FUN, INSPIRING, CREATIVE, EDUCATIONAL - Promotes imagination and hand-eye coordination.

Includes 8 stencils (size: 8 inches wide x 6.75 inches tall) in different art designs than what is included with the main units: Smart Owl, Silly Kitty, Tough Pup, Swimming Turtle, Funny Elephant, School of Fish, Don't Rock the Boat, and Wild Pulpus. The templates are reusable and include colored peg letters to be inserted.

Includes 100 clips in 6 colors: 20 transparent, 16 orange, 16 pink, 16 green, 16 blue, 16 yellow. The tweezers are round and shiny and measure 0.9 ''.

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