Lava Lip Gloss Lab

Lava Lip Gloss Lab

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Learn some basics of kinetic chemistry while you make 3 trippy tubes of lava lip gloss! Aspiring chemists will have a blast conducting a test tube lava experiment and observing the effects of different liquid densities. Lava lip glosses can be customized with watermelon and vanilla essential oils, along with pink, purple and gold mica coloring options. Each finished rollerball will deliver an enchanting science show plus smooth, shiny lips. It’s a totally groovy chemistry kit featuring psychedelic science projects for kids!
  • Create 3 custom tubes of lava lip gloss with this kinetic chemistry set!
  • Encourages an early interest in chemistry and cosmetic science for kids.
  • Includes 3 glass rollerball applicators, glycerine, castor oil, beaker, stir sticks, spoons, pipettes, test tube, color tablet, aluminizer, vegetable oil, measuring cup, watermelon and vanilla essential oils, pink, purple and gold mica coloring, and a step-by-step instruction guide.

Age Recommendation: Ages 8 and up

Item Number: 13820952

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