Hanayama Puzzle - Hook Lvl 1

Hanayama Puzzle - Hook Lvl 1

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The two entangled pieces are exactly the same in shape and very simple.They look like hooks used to hang things. The pieces can be separated and connected, in a fascinating and magical series of movements. This cast puzzle, which is simple yet mysterious and just like a disentanglement puzzle, was created by Finland’s Vesa Timonen.  The theme of this puzzle is “hook."

 Hanayama is known worldwide for challenging puzzles and quality manufacturing. Can you take the pieces apart, then put them back together again? Hanayama cast metal brain teasers have 6 levels of difficulty, and each puzzle is Mensa-rated. Level 1 puzzles are considered easy by most puzzlers.

Skill Level: 1

Age: 12+

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