1/300 GRAF Zepplen 3130pc
1/300 GRAF Zepplen 3130pc

1/300 GRAF Zepplen 3130pc

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Scale: 1:300

GRAF Zepplen 

From the world of COBI comes this limited edition set of the German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin. The model has been designed in a standard 1:300 scale. With 3145 construction blocks in this set it will provide hours of exciting construction and fun. Using high quality prints to reproduce the deck painting and ship's details from the World War II period this model will really please those builders who like detail in their kits. The high quality of this kit means that the prints do not wear after time or with play from little one’s hands. For the first time, a COBI model has been designed with a working airplane elevator placed directly on board. The COBI design team have built a mechanism within the model so it is possible to raise and lower the lift with the aircraft placed on it. The model comes with as many as 10 micro-block micro aircrafts, which are made in two colour versions. There is also a special transparent block included in the set, which after being attached to the undercarriage can imitate the taking off plane. The Graf Zeppelin aircraft can be displayed on the fantastic stand included in the set. The limited edition of this legendary aircraft carrier additionally includes two black laser-fired data plates of the mapped aircraft. They contain information such as: the name of the ship, authentic dimensions, model scale, individual serial number of the set. In the box you will also find an original, exclusively issued, paper certificate of authenticity (with the number in accordance with the nameplate) in A4 format with the handwritten signature of COBI President. This advanced, limited and exclusive set will add to any collection of large and small fans of the Navy, history and model- making. This Edition is under license of the extremely popular online game World of Warships. The manual includes a special invitation code for new players and codes with attractive extras.

Number of Blocks: 3130

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