HEXBUG BattleBots Remote Control Witch Doctor

HEXBUG BattleBots Remote Control Witch Doctor

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Conjure and Conquer! Destroy by knocking off armor!

Prepare to hold heated rage-ridden bot battles at home. Inspired by television's favorite robot showdown comes authentic miniaturized remote control versions of the formidable machines you know and love, with HEXBUG® BattleBots®

HEXBUG BattleBots I/R Tombstone are compliant with CPSIA standards. AAA Batteries included. Two LR44's included in remote. Ages 8 and up.

Prepare to be spellbound! Wielding a sabotaging scoop front wedge and spinning vertical disc, this BattleBot creates a magic we call "chaos" for any opponent who dares to cross it's path!

  • Magnetized and snap-together fly off on impact
  • Sabotaging Scoop and Disc Spinner
  • I/R Remote Control
  • Batteries included

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