Pzkpfw VI Tiger II 630 Pieces

Pzkpfw VI Tiger II 630 Pieces

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Pzkpfw VI Tiger II

For the first time in a limited edition, the legendary and most powerful German heavy tank of World War II! The awesome Tiger II brick model is entirely designed with over 1,000 COBI building blocks. It has many moving elements such as: openable hatches, movable gun barrel, rotating wheels and tracks. An exclusive to 2539 is the MAYBACH HL230 P30 engine, which can be placed next to the tank on a special stand featuring the name of the drive unit. The engine can also be placed inside the model under service flaps that can be opened! Having 1050 pieces in the set allowed us to create a realistic model faithfully reflecting the characteristic body of the original. The tank has also been covered with high-quality prints that do not scratch or smudge even during heavy use.

The Tiger II also has a bunch to great new pieces, not just the engine. In the box you’ll find a set of five specially designed figures of German tankers. New heads with great expressions, detailed prints on hats, torsos and pants all look amazing. Numerous accessories such as weapons, tanker headphones, map of Germany, ammunition, tools and barbed wire perfectly complement the all-new 2539 from COBI.

By ordering a Collector's Edition of the feared Königstiger you’ll get a guarantee of fast shipping and delivery. Each limited-edition set is marked with an individual serial number. The same number can be found on the accompanying certificate of authenticity handwritten by the PRESIDENT of COBI and on a special black plate with the model name.

This realistic model will work well as a great toy for young history enthusiasts and armored weapons fans, but it can also be a unique element of any adult military fan’s collection. And quite honestly, this is one of the most striking tanks we have ever made.

The Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. B Tiger II (Sd.Kfz.182) was colloquially called Königstiger (meaning "Royal Tiger"), although the translation "Bengal Tiger" was also widely accepted. It was a German heavy tank, the largest and heaviest used in battle during World War II. Production problems caused by the severe situation of the Third Reich and constant air raids resulted in only 487 units of this vehicle being produced between January 1944 and March 1945. The Tiger II was equipped with a powerful 88mm gun. Thick armor, heavy weight, limited mobility, unreliable engine and devastating armament are all hallmarks of this monstrous tank. Despite numerous flaws, the tank was extremely dangerous to every Allied unit and rained fire wherever it appeared. Its fame has survived to this day and it is still a highly recognizable tank in both historical and pop culture.

Number of Blocks: 630pc 

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