Battleship Scharnhorst 2472 Pieces
Battleship Scharnhorst 2472 Pieces

Battleship Scharnhorst 2472 Pieces

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Battleship Scharnhorst

From the world of COBI comes a collector's model of the ship Scharnhorst in a model scale of 1:300. It consists of 2485 building blocks and is as 80 cm long. It faithfully captures the proportions of the historical ship and retains all its essential elements, including armament. For the first time in COBI history, this Limited set includes a dedicated special figure featuring Rear Admiral Erich Bey. The exclusive figure is strictly limited and only available in this set. In addition, this limited edition includes two black laser-fired plates with serial number, name, scale and basic ship data. Each limited set is also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with a serial number and a handwritten signature of the President of COBI.

The Scharnhorst's model is covered with high-quality prints that super detail .Noteworthy is the intricately mapped hull shape, new dark chains and anchors, and an improved war flag pattern. The model has numerous moving parts such as propellers, rudders, rotated turrets and gun barrels that can be lifted and lowered. The kit also includes a very stable and aesthetic black display stand with a plate printed on which the name of the ship is printed. This is a perfect set for fans of ships and military. It would be a great addition to any collection. This is a very challenging set to build and will provide hours of fun for even the most experienced builder.

Scharnhorst was a World War II German battleship commissioned on 7 January 1939. Both Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were a new type of German battleship. They were characterized by greater size, speed and more powerful armament. They were created in response to the expansion of the naval fleet in France. Scharnhorst participated in many combat operations, where he showed good performance. She was sunk in the Battle of the Northern Cape on December 26, 1943.

Number of Blocks: 2472

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