Swim with Sea Turtles 100pc Puzzle

Swim with Sea Turtles 100pc Puzzle

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Swim with Sea Turtles Puzzle

A group of sea turtles enjoy crystal-clear seas in this beautifully illustrated scene. They swim around a reef, where brightly-colourful tropical fish dart between the different-coloured corals. In the distance a dolphin leaps out of the waves, and there are golden sandy beaches and rich green palm trees. The scene is set in the early evening, and the sky is full with birds making the most of the fading light. In the distance the setting sun has created gold, orange and purple tones, and the moon is on the rise. This dramatic and colourful design would make a great gift or pastime for budding marine biologists, scuba divers and anyone looking for a really bright, colourful and cheerful puzzle.

100 Pieces Puzzle

Assembled Size 20" x 14" 

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