Wiltopia - Anteater Care
Wiltopia - Anteater Care

Wiltopia - Anteater Care

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The two children lovingly care for the anteater and his cub. The big anteater has a particularly long and agile tongue, with which he eats the delicious ants (included as removable stickers) from the anthill. Includes animal knowledge card 'Anteater' with exciting audio content.

Figures: 1 boy, 1 girl

Animals: 1 anteater, 1 young anteater, 1 lizard

Accessories: 1 anthill with plants, 1 handcart, 1 animal food, 1 jam jar, 1 fanny pack, 1 sticker sheet 'ants', 1 knowledge card 'anteater

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